Unexpected climbing gym in Val Martello

After leaving Sardinia we start our journey looking for colder places, and we end-up in South Tyrol.

From Trentino going up to Curon Venosta

The area is very beautiful, going up we decided to stop by Val Martello to get some fresh air. Up in the mountains there is dam called Gioveretto

Val Martello

And in the dam they created an climbing gym that very particular. We manged to climb 2 days there and after a long time climbing only on crags it was interesting to play a bit in controlled environment where every 1.5m there is for sure a bolt 😅

Congrats to the local climbers that put the effort on building such thing, it is amazing!

Val Martello is part of the Stelvio National Park where the most iconic place is the Stelvio Pass, a legendary mountain pass that winds through the rugged terrain, offering spectacular views at every turn. It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering endless opportunities for hiking, mountaineering, cycling, and skiing.


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